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Hello, Have We Met?

We are a company that offers you showcases that make a statement; a company that continuously endeavors to provide to you fresh and unique designs for your specific needs - designs that can be customized to the last detail for your requirements.

We are an outstanding alliance of experienced display showcase designers and skilled cabinet-makers all across America. Our craft of woodworking meets creative and innovative designs, each of which cater to different requirements of each customer.

We are not just another showcase manufacturing company. We are Novo.

The Y - Factor (Everyone's got the X)

At Novo we possess and provide:

  • A team of experienced designers and qualified cabinet-makers
  • Designs that are extremely employee-friendly rendering high productivity and enhanced sales
  • The liberty to customers to envision specific showcase designs that can be customized to the last detail
  • Showcases of all shapes and sizes, small and large

Our dynamic ingredients that create the most outstanding final products are:

  • High-quality raw material to produce impeccably designed showcases
  • Continuous training of skilled craftsmen and designers who adapt to and adopt novel techniques to create masterpieces
  • Latest machinery that is kept up-to-date with regular maintenance


We do not have any limits at Novo. We not only provide exquisite, eye-catching, ready-made display showcases, but also create unique showcase designs based on your specific requirements.

Feel free to give us your wish list; to share your requirements and your expectations from the final product. Any idea is worth considering as long as it helps us understand your requirements better, to give you exactly what you were looking for.

Counter Display Cases

If you wish to sell something of value, show it off while keeping it secure. We are Novo Showcases, and we are pleased to present a variety of counter display cases and other retail displays for your consideration. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy browsing our colorful online catalog of showcases.

Retail stores are not the only places where counter display cases can be used. Museums, galleries, schools and libraries are places that make good use of well designed counter display cases. Any enterprise that has items they wish to show off could use a nice display cabinet. Counter display cases are available in a variety of sizes to house an entire collection of special objects or to feature just one wonderful thing. Browse our splendid selection of counter display cases, and you are certain to find one that will suit your purposes perfectly. If you are tasked with finding a way to show off your school's prized collection of sports trophies, a wood and glass display cabinet may be exactly what you need. Tell us how many trophies will be displayed, and we will tell you which size counter display cases you need. We can build lighting into your counter display case to make your trophy collection shine to its best advantage. Everyone wants to view the trophies that have been won by their school's teams and dedicated athletes. A sturdy, well-lit display cabinet makes this possible.

Counter display cases may be appropriate for personal use in the home, as well. A display cabinet with good lighting and glass doors will allow you to show off your special collection while at the same time protecting your treasured things from dust and sticky fingers. When you think about it, you will find all sorts of situations where counter display cases are an ideal solution.

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